Rugsėjo mėn. praktiniai EBSCO duomenų bazių mokymai anglų kalba

Kviečiame dalyvauti nuotoliniuose EBSCO duomenų bazių vartotojų mokymuose, kuriuose savo žiniomis dalinsis EBSCO atstovai. Šie praktiniai mokymai yra skirti studentams, dėstytojams ir visiems besidomintiems studijų bei mokslinės informacijos paieška. Mokymai vyksta anglų kalba.

  • EBSCO Mobile App in 20 minutes

Data: 2021.09.07
Laikas: 11:00 val. (20 min.)

Overview of features available in the new EBSCO mobile app. All in just 20 minutes.

  • How to read and download EBSCO eBooks?

Data: 2021.09.08
Laikas: 12:30 val. (45 min.)

Practical training, during which participants will learn:
– how to use EBSCO e-books online;
– how to download full e-books;
– how to save chapter of the e-book;
– how to use e-books on smartphones, tablets and readers.

  • EBSCO databases available through the national license in Latvia and Lithuania

Data: 2021.09.17
Laikas: 14:00 val. (60 min.)

During the session, we will review the EBSCO databases available for institutions through the national license in Latvia and Lithuania. The end users have access to EBSCO Open Dissertations ™ – an international database of diploma theses and dissertations, and many extensive scientific databases. The Academic Search ™ Complete and Business Source® Complete databases, included partly in the package, are among the most frequently used scientific resources in the world.

  • Advanced search on EBSCOhost platform

Data: 2021.09.17
Laikas: 11:00 val. (45 min.)

During the session we will show how to conduct more advanced search using available features on EBSCOhost platform together with special signs as *, “…”, (…), #, ?.