Book exhibition “Life at the border of Lithuania Minor”

We invite you to the book exhibition “Life at the border of Lithuania Minor”” on the third floor of the library.
The year 2023, in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the annexation of Klaipėda region to Lithuania, has been declared the year of Klaipėda region. This unique corner of Lithuania fascinates with its authenticity, rich history and unique architecture.

S. Pocytė states that “Today, looking at the past of Klaipėda region and city, we have a great opportunity to learn about coexistence, tolerance between peoples and cultures, to realize that Lithuanians and Germans, who have lived and coexisted side by side for centuries in a multicultural land, have left their traces here left behind by the French, Swedes, English, Jews and other nations are inseparable parts of the past of our Klaipėda region, whose heritage and signs of the historical past we use today and accept as our history and inseparable cultural identity.” (Pocytė, 2018).

At the book exhibition, you will get to know the history of Little Lithuania, the architecture of Klaipėda, the subtleties of nature and travel routes in this region.


Pocytė, S. (2018). Tilžės akto 100-metį minint. Atvira Klaipėda.