Head of the Library: dr. Lina Šarlauskienė

Location: Pramones Avenue 22A, Kaunas
E-mail address:
Telephone: +370 (37) 751 132

Mailing address:
Biblioteka ir mokslinės komunikacijos centras / Library and Centre of Scientific Communication
Pramones Avenue 20
LT-50468 Kaunas

Contact information by relevant areas of activity

Head of the Library
Subscription and administration of electronic resources and
databases Library information systems
dr. Lina Šarlauskienė
Library system administrationDaiva Martinkienė
Reader service questions, library toursRoma Karpienė
Ordering, purchasing and managing new publicationsVioleta Gurskienė
Exhibitions in the libraryEgidija Seikauskienė
Registration of publications, compilation of their lists
Publication of publications in the Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution
Publication of Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution
Publications and articles in OJS
Ramunė Bernotė
Activities of the scientific journal editorial board
Training on the topics of information and academic literacy
Consultations on science communication, and information literacy
dr. Dalė Šumskienė
Library communication and information dissemination
Consultations on the methodological guidelines of study-written works
Vaiva Šalaševičiūtė
Thematic librarians responsible for the provision of study programs,
information resources and their dissemination in faculties
Violeta Gurskienė – medicine and health;
Violeta Grybauskienė – economics, management and law;
Roma Karpienė – technology;
Daiva Kevišienė – humanities and communication sciences;
Egidija Seikauskienė – arts.

Library structure

Head of the Librarydr. Lina Šarlauskienė
Chief Librarian for Scientific InformationRamunė Bernotė
Chief Librarian for Scientific Communicationdr. Dalė Šumskienė
Librarian for the Administration of the Library SystemDaiva Martinkienė
Chief Librarian for CommunicationVaiva Šalaševičiūtė
Librarian for CommunicationGytis Baltrušaitis
Chief Librarian for Resource Management
109 cab., Pramones Avenue 22A, Kaunas
Tel. (8 37) 33 02 83
Violeta Gurskienė
Librarian for Resource ManagementAušrutė Juškevičienė
Librarian for Resource ManagementEugenija Andriuškevičienė
Chief Librarian for Reader Services
II-III floor, Pramones Avenue 22A, Kaunas
Tel. (8-37) 75 11 32
Roma Karpienė
Librarian for Reader ServicesEgidija Seikauskienė
Librarian for Reader ServicesDaiva Kėvišienė
Librarian for Reader ServicesEdita Mačiulienė
Librarian for Reader ServicesVioleta Grybauskienė