About the Library

The Library and Centre of Scientific Communication is the Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution division providing professional information services and access to information resources needed for collegial studies as well as applied research, and offering modern learning environments.

The Library services are provided in the new building of the Study Centre (Pramones Av. 22A, Kaunas).

The Library is open to everyone. Anyone can visit the Library to read publications. Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution community members can borrow books home; read the publications; use computers in the Library; connect to  the wireless Internet; use the databases subscribed in the Library and other places; participate in the courses and training sessions organised by the Library, etc. The Library has rooms for self-study and  teamwork, video and consultation rooms, spaces for relaxation and study. The services are provided according to the Rules of  Using the Library and Centre of Information Resources.

The Library is rich in various kinds of information resources. Most Library books are in the open funds and are stored according to the UDC classification. The Library has RFID security equipment for using the funds. Library readers can use self-service book borrowing and return machines. The information about the publications available in the Library funds and their location can be found in the Virtual Library. Publications can be read in the Library or borrowed home for a term specified.

The Library also offers a selection of the best Lithuanian and foreign subscribed and open access resources and organises various counselling and training sessions, seminars.

In the Library there is a possibility to use computers, wireless Internet connection, smart boards, equipment and software for students with hearing or visual disabilities. The library provides readers e-services including search for resources in various databases, login to personal accounts, reminders  by e-mail, online support, Youtube videos, news and relevant issues on Facebook.

The Library and Centre of Information Resources of Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution cooperates with other academic libraries, participates in joint activities and projects, professional events, etc. It is a member of  the eLABa Consortium, the Lithuanian Research Library Consortium and the Consortium of Libraries of Lithuanian Applied Sciences Universities.

You can find more information in the Library Guide 2023/2024.
Also, see the Library Guide 2023 leaflet.

Video clip about library spaces and services: