The books and Serials

The Library is rich in various kinds of information resources. Its funds stockpile about 32 000 titles and 100 000 items of printed books for the readers to use. The Library funds are updated and annually supplemented with new publications. New books of about 1000 titles are purchased every year, and about 80 printed professional periodicals are subscribed.

The vast majority of Library books are in the open funds which store books according to the UDC classification. The Library has RFID security equipment for using the funds. Library readers can use self-service book borrowing and return machines. The information about the publications available in the Library funds and their location can be found in the Virtual Library. Publications can be read in the Library or borrowed home for a week, a month or a semester.

While acquiring books or subscribing to databases, the programmes and the needs of KK community are taken into account. lecturers, responsible staff and the Library cooperate to prepare an order. Relevant publications are selected by subject librarians, who are responsible for certain areas of studies. Financial resources for the acquisition of resources are allocated depending on the number of students in each faculty and the study programme.