Books in the Library

Books can be read in the Library or borrowed home for a week, a month, or a semester. The book lending period depends on the status of the book, its demand, and the number of copies. Readers can learn the time of the book return in their account by logging in to the Virtual Library. The Library also e-mails readers reminders to their institutional accounts. Readers can order books online and pick them up upon arrival at the library. Books can be ordered by logging in to your account.

When you are in the library:

  • find book information in the Virtual Library;
  • see information about the time and place of lending the book;
  • find a book on a bookshelf;
  • borrow a book with a self-service machine.

When you are at home:

  • find book information in the Virtual Library;
  • log in to your account and order your book online;
  • receive information from the library by e-mail;
  • come pick up the books at the library.

How to find a book in the library?

Search for a book in the Virtual Library <> by book title, author, or topic.

See in the Virtual Library for the terms of the book: the period of the loan, whether there are any free copies at home*. Write down the book call number. Click on “LOCATE” and look at the map on which shelf the book is placed. Go to the specified shelf and find the book according to the book call number.

* One book is left to be read in the library; it’s been marked as ‘Skaitoma vietoje’ in the Issued column. If a date is written next to the other copies, it means it will not be possible to borrow the book at that time. In this case, you can order the book online and stand in line to receive the book.

How to log in to a library account?

Open <> and click on My Account, then log in using Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution e-mail name (till @) and the password. After logging in, click your last name and then Library Card.

After logging in to your account, you can see the list of borrowed books, extend their return time, and order the books you want to borrow.

How to order books online?

Log in the Virtual Library <> and select the resource Library catalog. When you find the book you want, click the call number link (for example, Kauno kolegijos biblioteka > Atviras fondas (005 Bu-403)). In the “Get it” section of the page, click “Request” and “Send Request”.

Receive information from the library by e-mail and come pick up the books at the library.

How do borrow a book?

In order to borrow books, you need to have an identity document and record book lending in the library system. If you have an ID card or student ID card, you can borrow books at the self-service machine. If you do not have the above documents, then present the borrowed books and your passport to the librarian, who will record the borrowed books in the library system.

Here are some important aspects of borrowing books from the library:

  • Books that are “Skaitoma vietoje” (Read at the library) are not lent at home (exceptions may be made for lectors, who need to contact a librarian). If you see a bookmarked as “Skaitoma vietoje” in the Virtual Library, you will not be able to order and borrow it. If you see a book with a green sticker on the library shelf, you won’t be able to borrow it.
  • There may be times when you will not be able to borrow books from the library if you have exceeded the maximum number of books you borrow or the maximum overdue fee. Contact a library staff member to find out the cause of the case.

When and how to return books?

Books can be borrowed for a semester, month, or week. You can find out the loan period and return dates for your books by logging in to your account. Use the self-service machine in the library; in case the library is closed, use the self-service book return machine at the entrance to the library on the first floor.

Books will need to be returned on time, otherwise you will be charged an overdue fee!

How to extend book return time?

The return period for books can be extended by logging in to your Virtual Library account or writing by e-mail

What do you need to know about the overdue fee?

An overdue fee is charged for books borrowed and not returned on time. The overdue fee is 1 EUR cent for each book, on each day of the library’s working day.

First, ask how much to pay because the overdue fee is not payable until it exceeds 2 EUR. The library has a maximum amount of the overdue fee so you can sometimes pay less than calculated. If you have an overdue fee of more than 2 EUR, you will not be able to borrow other books. You will be able to borrow books again after paying the overdue fee.

What to do if you lost the library book?

If you are going on academic leave, dropping out of studies, or graduating from Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution, you need to return the library books and pay an overdue fee (if you have it). If you have lost a library book, you need to buy another book from the following list: Books list for lost books (2024 01 29)