How to use the Library

  • Get acquainted with the Library rules and responsibly use the Library resources, services and spaces according to them. First-year students have the rules introduced during a Library training session in September, which they should attend, while others study them on their own.
  • The Library is a place for studies and peaceful rest. It is necessary for the need of others for quiet learning and concentration while composing papers to be respected in the Library and its surroundings.

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You can drink water or coffee from closed cups in the Library. However, it is not allowed to eat, make noise, talk on the phone, bring large handbags and violate the Library or public order rules. The Library prohibits transferring a Student Card to another person or using a card of another person; borrowing several copies of the same book; changing the location of publications on the Library shelves; removing book stickers or tearing out pages; turning on the volume working at the computer without headphones; playing computer games and using other things unrelated to studies.