Open Access Week on October 23–29

International Open Access Week is celebrated from October 23 to 29. Open access means free and unrestricted access to scientific publications, research data, and other published and unpublished high-quality peer-reviewed research materials available online. Users can read, copy, and perform automated content analysis without violating copyright.

The theme for the 2023 Open Access Week is “Community over Commercialization,” aiming to promote discussions about science funding and scholarships that serve the best interests of both the public and academic communities.

Open access benefits not only researchers by facilitating faster information dissemination and greater visibility of published articles but also students who need reliable and high-quality information for their academic work. You can find information from open access databases in the Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution Virtual Library and on specialized portals dedicated to Open Access Resources for study and research. You can learn more about open access in educational materials.