Exhibition of Paintings by Lina Šarlauskienė “Color Therapy”

We invite you to the exhibition of creative works by Lina Šarlauskienė, the head of Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution’s Library and Centre of Scientific Communication. The exhibition is titled “Color Therapy” and will take place from September 4th to October 6th, 2023, at Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution’s Library and Centre of Scientific Communication (Pramonės pr. 22A, Kaunas, 2nd floor).

The author of the exhibition, Lina Šarlauskienė, states that in her life, “The unifying aspect is sincere involvement in any activity with all her heart and thoughts.” She combines various opposites, such as “admiration for old libraries and interest in digital publishing or artificial intelligence, the search for antique items and the installation of the latest systems, the desire to communicate and the need to be quietly alone, to organize something or create a chaos of colors on canvas.”

“I started playing with colors on paper more than a decade ago, and for a while, I had forgotten about it. Now I can no longer do without the smell of paint (just like without books), the colors, and the inner joy of being able to do exactly what I want and what I come up with. I choose colors based on my mood, and I paint from intuition. I notice that in my paintings, colors often “escape,” there are no sharp edges and real images. Probably, it’s a way to break free from strict reality. It’s important to me that there is some depth of feeling in the canvases, so there are usually several layers in my paintings. Perhaps those layers, reflections, and blends are like reflections of our various inner worlds and perceptions. A person is not a label with duties, just as images are mere fragments of faded memories. We have many emotions, and they can spill over in colors,” says Lina Šarlauskienė.

The meeting with the exhibition’s author will take place at the closing of the exhibition on October 6, 2023, at 3:00 PM.