Book exhibition “It all started with a kiss”

You are invited to the library’s third floor to visit the book exhibition “It All Started with a Kiss”. The exhibition is dedicated to Valentine’s Day, celebrated on February 14th. The display features books about love and its various forms.

Love is like a mutual thread that connects people on various levels and gives depth and meaning to life. Its importance is indescribable because it encompasses not only romantic relationships but also family, friends, nation, and even oneself. Starting from the family, we see that love within it is vital, providing support, security, and emotional and psychological well-being. Relationships with friends and loved ones promote social connection, helping us feel accepted and understood, while also encouraging altruism and fostering strong community bonds. Love for one’s homeland and cultural heritage instills a sense of strength and encourages responsibility for the common good. Let’s not forget the importance of self-respect and self-love, as they allow us to better understand our inner needs and promote psychological resilience. Ultimately, love is an inseparable aspect of human existence that fosters communication, respect, and solidarity, creating strong and long-lasting relationships both personally and socially.