Book exhibition “Marathon of Festivals in the Whirl of Summer“

Welcome to the library’s book exhibition, “Marathon of Festivals in the Whirl of Summer,” located on the third floor. The exhibition features books on summer festivals, events, gatherings of friends and family, and guides on how to organize them smoothly. It includes tips on decorating meeting places, preparing the tastiest snacks, and planning the most fun games.

Summer seems to have just begun, yet the marathon of festivities is already in full swing. The solstice with Midsummer, filled with the magic of bonfires and the search for the fern flower, is still fresh in our memories. Meanwhile, the State Day – the Coronation Day of King Mindaugas – is approaching, inviting people to unite and celebrate freedom under the starry summer skies.

The festive whirl also includes the traditional Žolinės, when the fullness of nature delights us with fragrant herbs and flower wreaths. On this day, grandmothers lovingly tie bundles of herbs, filling homes with the scent of summer meadows. However, summer festivals are not just about traditions and customs. They are also a time for gathering with loved ones, friends, and family. The long, warm evenings provide the perfect setting for conversations around the campfire that last until dawn. It is a time to relax, enjoy nature, and cherish each other’s company.

Summer holidays are like colorful beads strung on a long string of sunny days. Each bead is unique and irreplaceable, full of its own customs, stories, and emotions. The most important thing is to remember to enjoy every moment of this brightest and warmest time of the year – summer.