Book exhibition “Forms of Education That Change Us”

We invite you to the library’s book exhibition, “Forms of Education That Change Us” on the third floor of the library. The exhibition is dedicated to the International Day of Education, celebrated on January 24. Books on various forms of education and lifelong learning are on display.

Education is more than information or training; it is a certain activity that includes a polemic with the current world and opens up the opportunity for everyone to participate in social, cultural, and political processes. Education is a key element in human life that not only provides knowledge and skills but also fosters critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and cultural awareness. Lifelong learning becomes a necessity due to the ever-changing society and the latest technologies.

Education not only provides specific knowledge but also promotes communication, social inclusion, and personality formation. Learning helps us understand the world from different perspectives and promotes tolerance and cultural understanding. Lifelong learning is an investment in your intellectual capital and ability to adapt to a changing reality. Education enables people to remain active and engaged members of society by fostering constant curiosity, the desire to improve, and the desire to build a community that is based on education as a vital value. Education is an integral part of life, ensuring continuous personal and societal growth and development.