Book exhibition “Children of the Nineties Become Parents”

We invite you to the library’s book exhibition, “Children of the Nineties Become Parents,” on the third floor of the library. The exhibition includes books about parent-child relationships, psychology, parenting challenges, generational problems, and ways to solve them.

‘The children of the nineties are the “millennial generation”, born in the last two decades of the last century. The books on display encourage reflection on the dramas of today’s parenthood, arising from the expectation to reconcile (too) many different selves in one body and the winding path towards balance. Motherhood and fatherhood in the age of the Internet have their price, which the children of the nineties pay in endless search and wonder’ (Urbonaitė-Barkauskienė, 2020).

The children of the 90s who became parents experienced a unique phase, transitioning from youth to parenthood. This generation faces new challenges and opportunities as they attempt to embody their role as parents. One of the main aspects that stand out is the development of technology. Children of the 1990s had the opportunity to grow up with rapidly changing technology, from the first computers and the Internet to cell phones. Now, as parents, they have to use these technologies to better understand their children and their needs.

Despite all the challenges, the children of the 1990s who became parents can be distinguished by their uniqueness and ability to adapt to changing circumstances. The experiences they have taken from their childhood can help them build strong family bonds and create a healthy family environment.

Urbonaitė-Barkauskienė, V. (2020). Devyniasdešimtųjų vaikai tampa tėvais. Dvi tylos.