Exhibition of practical works and final theses projects of the students of the Fashion Design study program of the Kaunas University of Applied Sciences Academy of Arts

Turning to nature, its diversity, uniqueness, harmony is important not only for spiritual well-being. Oneness with nature and its nurturing should be felt in various areas of our life. Fashion is no exception. After all, fashion trends quite vividly reflect what we live in.

The first-year students of Fashion Design of the Faculty of Arts and Education of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences, during the “Creative Project 1” practice, led by teacher Audronė Šakienė, sought inspiration for creativity in the variety of natural forms, discovering wide possibilities of self-expression.

During practice, analyzing the abundance of forms, colors, patterns, materiality, and textures of flora and fauna, students drew selected objects using different means of visual expression: graphite, colored pencils, felt-tip pens, watercolor, acrylic paints, etc. Each tool gave them new opportunities to realize their creative ideas.

After choosing their best drawings, the freshmen created conceptual clothing models inspired by them, using non-traditional materials, which gave each model originality and surprise.

The works of DM1 group students E. Bertašiūtė, D. Deveikytė, R. Kaikarytė, A. Kusaitė, S. Skromovaitė, F. Skudrytė and G. Žymančiūtė are exhibited in the exhibition. The final projects of S. Endziulytė, A. Zaleckytė, R. Tamošiūnaitė, M. Stirbienė, R. Paražinskaitė, J. Jančiauskaitė, G. Rėpša, graduates of the Fashion Design study program in 2022, are exhibited in the exhibition. Supervisors of theses: lecturers Audronė Šakienė, dr. Kęstutis Lekeckas, Rimantė Rimgailaitė.

The curator of the exhibition is Stella Justina Kasperavičienė, coordinator of the Fashion Design study program and lecturer.

We invite you to visit the exhibition on the second floor of the library.

You can see the exhibition virtually here.