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Library services

Who can use the Library services?

The Library is open to everyone. Anyone can visit the Library to read publications or get information. The registered users of the Library (the KK students and staff, the incoming students studying under ERASMUS+ programme) can borrow books home; use the subscribed electronic resources at home; reserve a computer workstation; receive the Library news; get advice; participate in training seminars, etc.

How are the Library services used?

You can use Library services after you have read the Library rules.

  • If you want to read publications or study in the Library, you do not have to submit any document.
  • To borrow books home, you need to have a Student Card or an ID card.
  • To use the subscribed electronic sources at home and make a computer reservation, you need to have a KK e-mail address and login details.


What Library services are available?

Searching for publications and reading in the Library, lending books home and returning them

FIND – Publications in the Library

 Information about the books borrowed and their return date, reminders by e -mail

USE – My Account

 Electronic sources for studies and written papers, connection to them at home

FIND – Electronic sources in databases

Library spaces for studies, teamwork, relaxation

YOU ARE INVITED – Where and when? What can you do? How should you act?

  The use of computers, equipment, software, the Internet connection

USE – Computers and facilities

 Reservation of computers and Study Rooms

USE – Computers and facilities

 Information and assistance, training sessions, seminars for students and academic staff 

 Exhibitions and events

 Replenishing the funds in cooperation with the academic staff, providing information for the

accreditation of study programmes